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100 Days Summer Fun

We love summer!! Cue the pool, beach, the grill and cut up the watermelon. We know that summer can be overwhelming at times. Especially when the kiddos start using the B – word. *Eye Roll* Bored. So here at CSRA Kids…we wanted to give you some summer inspiration!

We are issuing a 100 Days of Summer Fun challenge! We have compiled a list of super fun activities for you to do with the kiddos this summer. Some are cheap, some are free, some require a drive and some things you can do right at your own home. The list is just a guideline!

Ready to get started? Follow the checklist below and let’s have a great summer!

1. Bookmark the 100 Days of Summer Fun List.
2. Join our 100 Days of Summer Fun Facebook group.
3. Let the adventures begin! Document your summer shenanigans and post them in the FB group and tag your photos #csrakidsummer on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! People who share get a chance to win fun prizes.

We look forward to having a super fun summer break!!

1. Crank up this song, turn on the video camera, and make a “Good Bye School!” music video! 

2. It’s time for summer reading! Win some cool prizes and more! Check out the 2018 Libraries Rock – Summer Reading at ARCPLS! 

3. Get up offa that thing and head to Downtown Augusta to get a selfie with James Brown!

4. Check out our Splashin’ Around the CSRA guide to find a splash pad to visit!

5. Summer Movies!! Check out the weekly schedule here. 

6. Go fishing! Check out these spots!

7. Visit a local ice cream shop. Here is a special discount from the Pink Dipper!

8. Got Gamers? Take them out to Level Up Game Center in Martinez. Check out their special discount

9. Take a trip to your local farmers market! Check our Events page to find one near you!

10. Sign up for a local vacation bible school. Here is our VBS Guide!

11. Go to The Big Mo in Monetta, SC!

12. Go horseback riding at Hilltop Stables.

13. Go camping at one of the various campgrounds around Strom Thurmond Lake.

14. Take the kids to Paw Patrol on June 13th. Get $5 off the ticket price by using the code PUP5. Buy tickets here.

15. Visit Reed Park in Evans they offer various nature activities and classes.

16. Go Kayaking! Check out Cole Watkins Tours. He is fantastic with kids.

17. Go on a Southstar Trolley tour!

18. Visit the Morris Museum of Art. (It’s free on Sundays!!)

19. Jump Jump!! Beat the heat at AirStrike! Click here for a special discount!

20. Play a round of miniature golf! There is a local course in Aiken and Augusta.

21. Take a karate class at Premier Martial Arts! Check out their summer special here

22. Feed the horses treats at the Equine Rescue of Aiken.

23. VisitThe Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History.

24. Tour The Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson.

25. Take a hike at Phinizy Swamp and Nature Park.

26. Go biking on the Augusta Canal.

27. Pack the kids in the car and head to Splash in the Boro!

28. Turn on the sprinklers and let the kids go crazy!

29. Go Bowling! Check out our Indoor Guides (North Augusta) for bowling alleys near you.

30. Organize a massive water gun battle.

31. Check out the Soakin’ Summer Series at Evans Towne Center Park. Wednesdays in June til August.

32. Cool off at Raes Creek Park.

33. Take a Day Trip!

34. Make homemade play-doh. Here’s a recipe.

35. Play a game of dodgeball with the kids!!

36. Organize a play date and let the kids entertain themselves.

37. Have a car wash for your toys, bikes, and scooters.

38. Start an old-fashioned water balloon fight.

39. Take a break from the heat at The Playhouse in Evans!

40. Lay down sheets of bubble wrap and let the kids roll around.

41. Sing karaoke with the family!!

42. Check out the Augusta Outdoor Expo! The boys will love this.

43. Take a trip out to Lakes Springs Recreation at Clarkes Hill Lake.

44. Download the Heads Up app and play a few rounds with the kids.

45. Rainy Day? Build a fort in the living room using couch cushions, blankets, and old sheets.

46. Attend one of the Mayor’s Summer Reading Club events!

47. Join CSRA Kids for our Splash Pad Play Dates in June!

48. Play flashlight tag.

49. Pack a Picnic and head down to Brick Pond Park.

50. Make a bonfire and make smores.

51. Have a family day at Richardsons Lake Water Park and Outdoor Recreation!

52. Go roller skating! Check out the Augusta Indoor Guide for the nearest local skating rink.

53.  Visit the Augusta Museum of History.

54. Sign the kids up for a week of Day Camp! See our Summer Camp Guide.

55. Play old-school backyard games like Leap Frog, Red Rover, Mother May I?, and Red Light, Green Light 1-2-3

56. Play board games.

57. Make your own indoor greenhouse,

58. Play Lawn Twister!

59. Wash the car! It can be wet fun.

60. Grab a slushie from the local Sonic.

61. Adopt a goldfish.

62. Volunteer at your local animal shelter.

63. Buy school supplies and pack a backpack for a kid in need for the next school year. Consider donating them to Fit 4 School!

64. Host a slumber party.

65. Learn how to sew at My Best Friend’s Sewing Room!

66. Have a girl’s day! Visit Sugar and Spice Children’s Spa in Aiken!

67. Pull out a deck of cards for old-fashioned games like War, Old Maid and Go Fish.

68. Take a lazy day! PJ’s and free time.

69. Take the kids to jump at Air Strike!

70. Make your own pizza!

71. Read a book together.

72. Make lemonade.

73. Paint some rocks and hide them around town! Be sure to share them in the rock groups.

74.  Meet some friends at the playground.

75. Take a family nap.

76. Have a family movie night.

77. Take a beach trip.

78. Collaborate on a summer vacation scrapbook using one page for each day.

79. See the trains in Aiken.

80. Visit the planetarium.

81. Make dad a homemade Fathers Day Card.

82. Go see the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

83. Grill Out!

84. Bake cookies together.

85. Have your own version of a cooking competition! Here is an example.

86. Attend the Super Splash Day at the Augusta GreenJackets – SRP Park.

87. Play Ultimate Frisbee.

88. Make tie-dye T-shirts together. For less mess, skip the dye and try this Sharpie method.

89. Play a game of kickball.

90. Take the kids to the Splashdown W/ Aiken Public Safety.

91. Go Gold Panning!

92. Visit the North Georgia Live Steamers. June 23rd & September 8th

93. Pay a meal forward.

94. Invite friends over a multi-family game night!

95. Attend a theater play.

96. Sign up for a service project.

97. Gather up outgrown clothes and donate them to a local non-profit.

98. Plan one last summer hoorah! This one is on you.

99. Finish your Summer Scrapbook!

100. Plan a getaway weekend with friends!! You deserve it…you just rocked summer!!

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