Train Fun Around The CSRA

train fun around the csra

Does your child love trains? Wondering where you can find trains to climb or view? There are several places in the CSRA that have life-size trains, exhibits, and educational opportunities! So all aboard and explore with us.

Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum

The Aiken Visitors Center and Train Museum is located in Downtown Aiken. As soon as you walk in, you see the interactive train set! You kids can be the conductor and they will absolutely love it. The Train Museum is located upstairs and is a great hands-on activity exhibit that your kids will enjoy. The exhibit has nine dioramas that depict the towns that ran along the original South Carolina Canal and Railroad Company right of way. After visiting the museum, you can take the kids outside to see the train cars and let them play in the park. There is a small swing set with regular swings and two toddler buckets.

Langley Depot (Midland Valley Library)

The Langley Depot (Midland Valley Library) is located in Warrenville, SC. When you pull up, you will immediately see a bright red Southern caboose! It is a great spot to let the kids explore and climb. The kids will get a kick out of pretending to be an engineer for the day. You can also take the kids over to the Midland Valley Library. They have a small kids area that has table activities and computers. This is perfect for a few hours out of the house. 

Ridge Spring Red Caboose

The Ridge Spring Caboose is located in Ridge Spring, SC. It sits in heart of Downtown and would make a great day trip. I would recommend taking the kids to see the caboose, possibly bringing lunch to eat at the nearby gazebo and then taking them to play at the playground across the street at the Art Center. 

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Augusta Museum of History

The Augusta Museum of History is located in Downtown Augusta. The museum makes for a fun day! In addition to the awesome full train on site, your kids can climb on a trolly, take in interactive exhibits and learn about CSRA History.

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