Evans Library Playground – CSRA Kids Picks!

Evans Library Playground

As part of our 100 Days of Summer Fun, we wanted to highlight some of the best parks around the CSRA! The kids will be full of energy and it is so nice to get outside (mom get a chair with an umbrella) and let the kids get sweaty and tired! Plus, if you are new to town, this will give you an opportunity to get to know the area and explore your new city.

Evans Library Playground

The Evans Library Park is a fantastic park! Nestled behind the Columbia County Library is a fun park that every age can enjoy. This park has two playground systems with a rubber surface. These play systems are easily climbed by toddlers and are surrounded by sitting areas. You can easily see the play area and allow the kiddos some distance. The park also has a small splash pad that is great for cooling off on a hot summer day. It is located at the center of the playground which is great. The playground also has great adaptive play features. It boasts four adaptive swings, a sway fun feature, an adaptive swing, auditory features and much more. There is plenty of seating and picnic space. This can easily be a great morning and early afternoon outing if you stop by the library.

Evans Library Park

Why We Like It!

Perfect for Kids of Any Age!
Low and High Climbing Spots.
Tall and Short Slides.
Fully Accessible. Has a Sway Fun Feature, Four Adaptive Swings, and an Adaptive Merry Go Round.
Fun Playground Features.
Rubber Surface.
Splash Pad

Mom Notes:

The playground has some tree cover, but it can still get pretty hot on a sunny day. But there is plenty of covered seated area with clear view of the park.
I recommend going in the morning or evening during the summer.
There is a water fountain and bathroom area.
The area is not fenced and it’s easy to little ones to wander off.
The playground was packed with kids. There will be kids to play with.
This playground is great for kiddos with special needs.

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