15 At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents

15 At Home Date Night Ideas

15 At Home Date Night Ideas For Parents

Finally got the kids to bed? Why not have a date night! Although resturants and other date night options are closed, you can still have some connection time at home. To help you out, we have put together a list of options to make your next date fun and romantic. 

Eats With My Sweet!

1. Charcuterie and Wine Night – Grab some bottles from the store and have a in-home wine tasting. Add some chocolate for something sweet. Don’t forget to dim the lights and add some slow tunes.

2. Take-Out Bingo – Let the kids eat cereal for dinner and you order out! Try out a new resturant each week using our Take-Out Bingo card. Light some candles and enjoy some conversation.

3. Cook Dinner Together – Pick a recipe off Pinterest or try an online cooking class

4. Play Bartender – Learn how to mix some cocktails! Check out this cocktail kit service.

5. Get Sweet! – Bake some cookies or brownies or support a local sweetery like Alumni Cookie Dough or Belair Donuts & Coffee.

A Little Fun & Flirty Competition! 

6. Old School Board Game Night – Dust off those old board games and have some fun. Maybe throw in a little bet.

7. Cops & Robbers – Break out those nerf guns and have a shoot out.

8. Wii Games – Can’t go bowling? Bowl on the Wii or even challenge each other on dance games.

9. Zoom Double Date – Call some friends over Zoom and play bingo, Jackbox (so much fun), charades or pictionary. 

10. Puzzles – This can be romantic! Light a fire or some candles, pour some wine and turn on some music. 

Some Sweaty Fun 😉

11. Take a Yoga Class – Tons of local places are offering online yoga classes. Try Space Yoga…they go live on IG each day.

12. Go For a Walk/Run – If the kids are old enough to watch themselves…hit the neighborhood or a nearby trail. 

13. Take Online Dance Lessons – There are tons on YouTube! You can learn the Waltz, The Jive and even Swing.

14. Play a Game of Twister – This could be fun and a great workout. Lots of laugh and touch. 😉

15. Have an In-Home Dance Party – Turn on a music playlist and shake what ya momma gave ya. Don’t forget the cocktails and maybe grab the Star Gazer Christmas light projector for a little razzle dazzle.

Other Ideas!

16. Bonfire and Smores – Light the fire, grab a blanket and snuggle by the fire.

17. Have An At Home Paint Party – Local paint & sip shops are offering guided painting online. Check out Bites and Brushes and Pinots Palette Augusta.

18. Have a Mini Van Date – Get the kids in the bed, grab some drinks and popcorn and head out to the van!! If you have built in screens…watch a movie or you can take the tablet! Gives a change of scenery and hey…maybe make out a little. 😉

19. Watch a Virtual Concert – Lots of artists are giving concerts online. Here’s a few places to find concerts: Billboard COS and NPR.

20. Your Standard Netflix…and Chill.

Bored While At Home? We Got You! 

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