Bring a Food Truck to Your Neighborhood

Bring a food truck to your neighborhood

Bring a Food Truck To Your Neighborhood

Restaurants are shut down and you may not want to leave the house…but it doesn’t mean the eats can’t come to you! 

We have a compiled a list of food/treat trucks that will come and serve your community. Here are some additional tips that will help this be successful. 

Tips and Tricks

– Contact your HOA and make sure you have permission to do so.
– Once you get permission, utilize your HOA’s Facebook Group or email list to get the word out. 
– You can post signs at entrance ways. 
– Take orders ahead of time! This will help with social distancing and overwhelming the food truck.

Food Trucks That Will Come To Your Neighborhood

Whipped Creamery 

Rita’s Italian Ice and Luna’s Pizza

Pelican’s Snoballs


Southwest Grill Food
Tacos, Burritos & More!

Photo Credit: Whipped Creamery

Chicken Fingers of Evans

Chicken Fingers, Wings, Sandwiches & More!


Pint/Quart Pre-Packaged Ice Cream

Smokeshow Southern BBQ

Shanes Rib Shack

Pulled Pork, Ribs & Sides

Alumni Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough and Toppings!

Need More Ideas??

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