4 Ways To Have Virtual Playdates With Friends

4 Ways To Have Virtual Playdates With Friends

Ways To Have Virtual Playdates With Friends

It’s time to hunker down and really put the social distancing to practice. With cases going up around America, it is imperative that we keep our children indoors and away from the germs. With school being out, your kid might be desperate to see their friends and today’s technology can help fill that gap. Here are some suggestions to help your kids stay connected and safe at the same time.


Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allow you interact with mulitple people at a time. It can be used on a tablet, your phone and on a laptop. You can go with the free plan and get 40 minutes per meeting. The meetings are unlimited and can be easily accessed by just sending a link.

Zoom Virtual Playdate Ideas:
Virtual Bingo
Virtual Charades
Read Stories To Each Other
Play ISpy On Opposite Screens
Play Headbandz or Guess Who
Just Play and Chat


Caribu is a video calling app that your child can enjoy with family and friends. Just download the app, invite friends and family and then begin to play! The app is currently free and unlimited due to the Covid crisis, The app has popular book titles and coloring games. You can download Caribu on Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use it on most phones and tablets.

Great For Young Kids. 

Netflix Party

Did you know that you could watch your favorite shows with your friends at the same time? Netlix Party is available only on laptop or desktop computers. You can only do it on a Chrome browser. Your kids will be able to chat with friends will watching the movie via chatroom.

Great For Older Kids.

Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids is a platform on Facebook that allows your child to video chat with friends, They have added fun features like filters, emojis, and stickers. The nice part about the platform is that you control it. You can set the contacts and monitor their use. This app can be used on tablets or phones.

Great For Ages 6 and Up.

Be sure to talk to your kids about the apps that they are using. Talk to them about your expecations and how to use them responsibly. Technology can be a great resource and add to the value of our time spent at home. 

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