Tips for Families Considering Homeschooling!

Tips For Families Considering Homeschooling

So you’re thinking about homeschooling. I bet your wondering…what are my next steps?

People choose to homeschool for all sorts of reasons. I was there 5 years ago and I wish someone had a game plan for me. I want to help you become successful in this big step! Here is a list of things I think will help you get started on your homeschooling journey.

New Homeschool Checklist

Learn the Laws
Find out the laws in your state about homeschooling, and read them. Georgia and South Carolina have different laws. For one, in South Carolina, you must enroll in an accountability association, and in Georgia, you don’t.


Declare Intent
South Carolina: How to withdraw from South Carolina Schools.
Georgia: Submit your Declaration of Intent online.


Think About Your Worldview
What is important to instill in your child? There are highly religious to secular curriculums, knowing your worldview will help you narrow it down. There are even options to teach your children the same things they would in public school.

List of Secular Curriculums  | List of Christian Curriculums | Islamic Options for Homeschool Curriculums


Count the Cost
How much money do you want to spend? Curriculums can vary in price. Set a budget and do some research. Also, take advantage of local groups that sell curriculums at bargain prices. Expensive is not always necessarily best.

You can get a good deal locally with Stephanie Poole of Homeschool Books for Less.


Learn About Homeschool Education Methods
Do you know what Classical, Unschooling, Eclectic, Montessori, etc. means? You should! Many curriculums are made following those particular schooling methods. I found this article on this topic very helpful.


Day Structure
How long do you think you want to spend homeschooling per day? Is your homeschool going to be an intensive full-day academy, or an easy breezy morning school with time for extracurriculars after lunch? From experience, give yourself more time than you think to complete subjects to save frustration.


Curriculum Choices
Choose a curriculum or make your own. There are places like Rainbow Resource that sell almost everything you would need for homeschooling.


Find a Support Group. Whether it be a co-op (a place where children and parents come together to teach different subjects), or getting together with a group of moms once a month to talk about “the good, the bad & the ugly” of homeschooling, find one. It will help keep you sane during this new journey. They provide great motivation and also give your children an opportunity to learn with other students.


You Can Go Virtual
There are many options for virtual learning. All of the curricula is out there and it takes the guesswork out of educating your child. Some of the options also have socialization opportunities as well. 

Odyssey Learning
K-12 | Secular

South Carolina Connections Academy 
K-12 | Secular

Georgia Virtual Learning
K-12 | Secular

Georgia Connections Academy
K-12 | Secular

Cyber Academy of South Carolina
k-12 | Secular

South Carolina Virtual Charter School
K-12 | Secular

K-12 Online Private Learning
K-12 | Secular

The Oaks Private School Online 
Middle and High School | Secular

Calvert Education
K-12 | Secular

Liberty University Online Academy 
K-12 | Religious

Abeka Academy
K-12 | Religious

More Resources

If you want more in-depth help, I would really recommend reading the book “Top 103 Homeschool Curriculums” by Cathy Duffy. She is a former homeschool mom who buys curriculums and reviews them. You will get a review of all her top curriculums along with a chart to help you pick the one that is best for you and your child. She also goes into detail about a lot of the things that I have mentioned above. It really is an invaluable resource.

I also highly recommend following The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection 

Local Support Groups

More Homeschool Information!

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