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homeschool support groups

No matter if you are a new homeschool parent or a seasoned homeschool teacher, sometimes you need some support, motivation, and help. Luckily you live in the CSRA and can join one of many groups to help you on this difficult but satisfying journey.

I have compiled a list of support groups that have a long range. Some groups are just for moms to get together and talk about the struggles and joys of homeschooling. A lot of the groups are on Facebook® and plan field trips, act as questions boards and post other opportunities for homeschoolers. A few of the groups belong to national organizations and there is a membership fee to join. These may also meet to teach classes together (co-op*) or provide standardized testing at a low cost or free of charge (Examples: Classical Conversations, Veritas, and the Homeschool Education Association). I hope this list helps you find the right group or groups for your family!

Homeschooling Support Groups in the CSRA

Augusta GA Homeschooling Moms
This group is for moms who have chosen to homeschool in and around Augusta, GA. They offer support and event ideas.


Augusta Secular Homeschool Co-op
A secular support group for homeschoolers that live in the CSRA. Non-Discriminatory Group. They are looking to plan trips, socials, and classes.


Evans Homeschool Group
They want to connect with their homeschooling families and have an About Us spreadsheet so you can fill out the information about your family. Members can organize field trips and even promote their small businesses to other homeschoolers. This group is welcome to organize homeschool field trips.


CSRA Home-based Middle and High School Families 
This group is open to families of 6th-12th grade home-based schools in the CSRA.   Students in Georgia Cyber Academy, Connections Academy, and K12 are permitted. The group facilitates socialization and supplements education with additional opportunities for its members.


Westside Homeschool Co-Op
This group meets at Westside Baptist Church in Martinez, GA. They are a fine arts, music, and academic enrichment co-op offering learning experiences in a Christ-honoring environment. Grades from Preschool to 12th. Contact via e-mail


Homeschooling in Aiken
All-inclusive, group of homeschooling families in Aiken, South Carolina. The group has a weekly playgroup at the park. Here you can share ideas, resources, and experiences, participate in activities, field trips, events, and clubs, ask for recommendations, and make friends!


Inclusive and Open-Minded Homeschoolers of The CSRA
This is an inclusive and open-minded group of homeschoolers in the CSRA. ALL ARE WELCOME!! Anyone is welcome to (and encouraged to) schedule events, meet-ups, parks days & whatever else you can dream up. It is our goal to provide a place for the diversity of homeschooling families to shine.


Homeschooling In North Augusta
We are an all-inclusive, group of homeschooling families in North Augusta, South Carolina. Here you will find a place to share ideas, resources, and experiences, participate in activities, field trips, events, and clubs, ask for recommendations, and to make friends!


Cardinal School House
Cardinal Schoolhouse – a brand-new, all-day, drop-off class for middle- and high-schoolers, offering math, science, and Spanish or Latin, each in three different levels!


Aiken Homeschool Park Days
We are a group of homeschooling families that meet once a week for park-playing fun. Pack a picnic lunch and join us.


Aiken Nature Club
We are a group of homeschooling families who love to explore and learn together out in nature. We meet every other Thursday in an outdoor location for a meet-up or hike, where nature is abundant and kids and adults can explore and immerse themselves in an environment that facilitates fun and learning!


Grovetown GA Homeschool Families
This group is open to all homeschooling families in the Grovetown area. We are a loosely organized group that provides support for local homeschooling activities and events. While they are a Christian group, they are inclusive to all.

Other Local Groups

Classical Conversations Groups

Classical Conversations Co-Op
Groups that usually meet one day a week for about 3 hours with like-minded moms and their children. Classical conversation groups emphasize memory work and Latin, along with other classical learning styles. Many groups in the CSRA, set prices per school year.

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Other Groups

CSRA Home Education Association
The CSRA Home Education Association is a Christian association of homeschoolers. They provide testing options, fellowship opportunities, information, and graduation ceremony options.


Aiken Area Home Educators (AAHE), Debbie Sides. A Christian home school support group, that organizes mom’s night out field trips and class programs.


Veritas, Classical Homeschool Resource, Augusta Campus. A complement to homeschool programs by providing one day per week of classroom instruction. The emphasis is on classical and traditional subjects from a Christian perspective. $200 a month, plus the registration fee.


Thrive Academy
Accredited Private School/Homeschool through Georgia Accrediting Commission servicing Kindergarten through 12th grades. THRIVE offers electives such as STEAM, Drama, Music, Art, keyboarding, and Reading resources. Electives may change from year to year. THRIVE has professional degreed teachers. They operate with small classrooms. They use technology in many classes. They reach out to at-risk students who struggle in the overcrowded public classrooms

More CSRA Homeschooling Resources

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