Winter Olympics Fun With Your Kids!

winter olympics fun with your kids

Winter Olympics Fun With Your Kids!

The 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on February 4th in Beijing, China. This is an exciting time for the world as we all gear up to cheer on our favorite teams. The winter games can be a great opportunity to have some fun with your kids and also be an educational time as well. So dust off your red, white, and blue and get ready to cheer on the world! 

Opening Ceremonies

The Opening Ceremonies is the most magical portion of the games. It is a beautiful explosion of color and theatrics. Each country has a unique flair. Your children will be in awe as they see culture come to life. Interested in showing them some opening ceremonies from previous games? Check out this link!

Olympic Games Trivia!

Kids love fun facts! Teach them some Olympic game history. Compile a list of facts and write them out on index cards. Let your kids pick a card each day and read it aloud. You can also consider looking for historic moments on YouTube and/or finding some pictures online. 

Did something really stand out to your child?

Consider digging a little bit deeper. Find an Olympians bio and have them write a letter to their favorite athlete! 

Here is a website with some fun facts about the Olympics.

Black History Month and The Olympics

February is also Black History Month. Introduce your children to famous black athletes that competed in the Olympic Games. Here are just a few facts about black athletes and the Olympics. 

1. The first black athlete to compete in the Olympics was Constantin Henriquez de Zubiera.
2. The first black athlete to win a gold medal was John Taylor from Philidelphia, PA.
3. The first black female athlete to win a gold medal was Alice Coachman. She specialized in high jumping.
4. Gabby Douglas was one of the first African American women to win multiple gold medals at as an all-around champion in a single Olympic game.
5. Remember the movie Cool Runnings? Be sure to have a movie night and teach your kids about the Jamaica Bobsled Team

Olympic Games Inspired Crafts and Activities

Get into the Olympic spirit with some crafts and activities. Here are a few that your children will enjoy. 

Olympic Torch Craft
Let your child express their inner champion. Make a craft and let them run around with it! 
Craft Link

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Olympic Rings Craft
You can make your own version of the Olympic rings with things around your home. This is great for any age.
Craft Link

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Flag and Medal Count Printable
Learn about flags from different countries and as they watch the games they keep track of the medals won! 
Printable Link

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Pool Noodle Olympic Games
Host your own Olympic games right in your living room. Grab some pool noodles and let the games begin!
Activity Link

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Looking for some more Winter Game fun?
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