How to Rent Park Pavillons In Columbia County

How to Rent Evans Library Park Pavillon

How to Rent Park Pavillons In Columbia County

Rental Details

The fee is $75 for a four-hour block of time.

The pavilions are first come first serve on most days. But as the weather warms up, more people will start booking for parties and events. On weekdays you have a better chance of just showing up, but be sure to check for weekend rentals. 

You can reserve a pavilion no more than 30 days prior to your event, no fewer than 5 days.

How To Book Online

To reserve online:

Click the link for the park you want, Evans Towne Center Park or Columbia County Amphitheater.  At that point, you will see a map, and in its legend, you can select the pavilion, date and time block of your choice. The date selector resets after you click a new pavilion. Be sure to change the date when you select a new option. When you have the pavilion, date and time you want, click the green dot to make a reservation. If the dot is red, it is unavailable.

How to Rent Evans Library Park Pavillon

Frequently Asked Questions

I See The Pavilion Name…But What is Located Next To?
Lady Bug – The shelter by the splash pad.
Grasshopper – The shelter by the swings.
Dragonfly – The shelter leading to the walking trail.


Am I Allowed to Bring My Own Tent to the Park?
No. Only professional tent companies can bring tents with specific anchors. You also have to have an insurance policy as well.

Can I Bring a Grill?
No grills are allowed.

Will The Pavilion Be Blocked Off?
Yes. They will label the pavilion as reserved.


Do I Need a Permit?
Yes. Once you make your reservation, one will be sent to you. 

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