Busy Mom Workout Ideas!

busy mom workout ideas

Busy Mom Workout Ideas

It is well into the new year and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us. Did you make any goals for 2023? I know personally, I look at the new year as a fresh start; a clean slate. I try to keep my goals simple, obtainable and likely ways of bettering myself mentally and physically. Working out consistently is a goal I am always aiming for; however, as a parent with small children, this isn’t always easy. I usually find myself putting my children, husband, and household responsibilities first before myself, as I am sure most mothers do. Below, I will provide several ways that a busy mom can stay active and crush those workout goals for the new year!

Jump Around!
Make working out fun! Jumping with your kids at Defy Augusta is a great way to do so. You get an hour of pure cardio while also burning off your kid’s energy. Two birds with one stone! 

Roll Bounce!
Take the kids skating, enjoy some memories and get those legs moving. I promise you will feel it the next day!


Join the YMCA or the Kroc Center! The CSRA has many YMCA locations and a Kroc Center location in Augusta. Both encourage healthy lifestyles, have sports leagues, and aquatic centers, and are fun for the whole family. There are a multitude of children’s classes/childcare opportunities and stocked gyms for moms to get their workout on while their kids are safe. 


…and Swim!
You can swim year-round in the CSRA. Swimming is a wonderful workout and I am sure the kids would enjoy it too.


Crawl the Walls
There is a pretty awesome Rock Climbing gym in Grovetown that is bound to give your body a unique workout. Bring the kids. It is family-friendly!



Hike It Baby!
The CSRA has an abundance of walking/ hiking trails and outside play. Grab the kids and go explore nature, get some fresh air, all while putting your body in motion. My personal favorite is the Savannah Rapids, the views are breathtaking and the trails are clean. If the weather is rather dreadful, there are some great indoor walking tracks as well. Be sure to connect with Hike it Baby Augusta! They have daily hikes and it’s all kid-friendly.



Move It At Home!
Home workouts are a wonderful option for a busy mom. A great one is Beach Body. There are workouts for prenatal, postnatal, one with infants, and a partner workout for kids who want to join in (Double Time). With over 7000 workouts ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes and at all levels of fitness, it is easy to select and stream something that will meet your needs from the comfort of your own home.


Local Gym Options
If you prefer to get out of the house and have some alone time, the CSRA has a multitude of group classes and gym memberships you can join. Many also have childcare options. Several that I have seen driving around include but are not limited to Endurance Fitness, Fierce Fitness, Fit Augusta, Space Yoga Studios, Aiken Yoga, and more! 



Move Columbia County
MOVE is a Columbia County-run program, designed to allow ANYONE  to participate in walking groups, beginner weekend workouts, and healthy-eating practices. The program is open to ALL ages and abilities. CLICK HERE to learn more.



If you have some tips for working out and staying active in the CSRA, please feel free to leave a comment below or message us so we have more ideas to share with readers. Active communities are a beautiful sight to see, especially with how family-oriented the CSRA is. Whatever your personal goals are; best of luck to you and yours in 2023.

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