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Hi, my name is Rosemarie and I have two ‘Momfessions’. First, may I ask you a personal question? Have you had a dream that you just thought was too big to reach and become discouraged? This is what I feel. I came across “Momfessions’ and somehow it spoke to my heart, answering many of my countless questions. A small voice said, “Do this! This is your chance to follow your dreams.” This past year has really been a trying time for me where I did go through some type of depression and hopelessness. So here are my Momfessions.

Momfession 1:

I have a dream to inspire, connect and transform lives through compassion and love. Have you heard a story where it’s motivated you to make a change… maybe a story that’s made you cry or laugh through every step in that person’s story? OR even better, gave you that silver lining in your darkest moment at the right time?

I feel that through sharing their stories and perspective, it will bring understanding in this world…BUT I don’t know how to do it. I have obstacles and doubts. I’m not perfect and I’ve had many failures in life, so what difference can I make. From some encouragement and personal stories I’ve heard recently, maybe I can start with mine.

Hi again, I’m a plant-based, alternative-healthy living mom, aka ‘crunchy mom’, and have two wonderful teenage boys. This may sound cheesy, but they are like my best friends. They’ve shown me so much unconditional compassion, moral support, and love for me even in my weakest points in life. This past year has shown me that the sacrifices and choices I’ve made in my life is worth it and that’s all a mom can ever ask for!

Momfession 2:

I’ve had failures in my life, from a failed marriage, loss of home and a work demotion. But from each one, I’ve gained humility and experience to become a better person. So, now I face my recent challenge in the next chapter of my life: my health. I feel embarrassed and am scared to tell my story because of fear of judgment, but if it may bring encouragement to someone else, then the purpose is well worth it. A few years ago, I found a pea size lump in my breast. I thought it was nothing, but in the back of my mind was a ‘what if?’. This last year, the lump has grown into a noticeable size… a golf ball.

Last year, my theme for personal growth is overcoming my fears and finding the self-worth. To help me along, I did a few challenges. From meeting total strangers, each has brought valuable encouragement and inspiration needed at the right time, just from hearing their stories. A couple of them have overcome breast cancer, and another is going through treatment for brain cancer. 


I found fulfillment and took a lot of takeaways: 
1) Follow your heart and gut feeling 
2) Overcome your fears and take action; they’re not as big as you would think 
3) Have faith, and all the answers and inspiration will come to you in the most unexpected ways.


There’s a saying, “disease” comes from “dis-ease.” I know that my first step is to find out what it is. But I’m torn between my beliefs of living: convention vs. the alternative. So now I’m kind of stuck, but I have a plan. I am ready and I will take the courageous step. Whatever the result, I will face it head on, knowing I have faith and peace in everything is for my best.

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