Free Pepsi Party Pack For 6 Year Old Birthday

Free Pepsi Party Pack For 6 Year Old Birthday

Free Pepsi Party Pack For 6 Year Old Birthday

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Got a 6-year-old birthday coming up? Well, we have a fun idea for your child’s next birthday. Pepsi of Greenville will give your child a free party pack! For over 50+ years, Pepsi has been giving out these party packs and the tradition is still alive. 

About the Pepsi Party Pack

When your child turns 6, Pepsi will give your child a FREE party pack. It comes in a fun festive box. Here is what’s included:

– 12 Pepsi Cans

– 12 Pepsi Balloons (not inflated)

– 12 Pepsi Pencils

– 12 Pepsi Tattoos

– A Pepsi party birthday certificate

You can use these items for a birthday party or you can make this into a fun day trip for your kiddos!! 

How To Get Your Party Pack!

To get a Pepsi Party Pack, simply bring your child’s birth certificate to our office located at 751 State Park Road, Greenville, SC 29609. Your child can receive the party package the month of or the month after his or her 6th birthday. Pepsi Party Packs are available during the first full week of the month between 1 – 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please park in front of the building and come to the front office. Masks are currently required to enter the building.

Here are the dates for 2021:

January 4 – 8

February 1 – 5

March 1 – 5

April 5 – 9

May 3 – 7

June 7 – 11

July 5 – 9

August 2 – 6

September 7 – 10 (Closed Labor Day 9/6)

October 4 – 8

November 1 – 5

December 6 – 10

Got Questions? Contact Pepsi of Greenville at (864) 242-6041.

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