Egg My Yard Around The CSRA

egg my yard

Easter is right around the corner and it’s time for festivals, bunnies, and egg hunts! If you are thinking about having an egg hunt at home, let someone else stuff the eggs for you. There are local businesses and organizations who are stuffing eggs, delivering them to your home, and laying them out for you! We have compiled a list of providers for you below. 

Egg My Yard Around The CSRA

Castoff Children’s Clothing Yard Egging

Information Link

Candy Filled Eggs

50 Eggs for $35
100 Eggs for $55

Bounce Bounce Baby

Filled Eggs – Bunny Footprints – Note From Easter Bunny

$40- includes 50 eggs
$50- includes 75 eggs
$60- includes 100 eggs

Egg My Yard Augusta

Candy Eggs – Toy Filled Eggs – Allergy Free Eggs

**They are taking the 2024 Season Off**

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