7 Places to Volunteer with Kids in the CSRA

7 Places to Volunteer with Kids in the CSRA

7 Places to Volunteer with Kids in the CSRA

Our kids take so much for granted, don’t you think? Probably because we give them almost everything they want.

Nevertheless, we want our children to grow up sympathetic to the misfortunes in the world around us. We don’t want them to live in a bubble where they are oblivious to the suffering in our community. The only way to create compassionate children is to show and teach them. Hands-on, if, at all, possible. Luckily, we live in an area with many non-profit organizations that give back to the community. Even though not all places allow children for security reasons, some do. I have had the opportunity of working with some of these first hand. I hope that you can find one from this list that works for your family.

Walking Tall Homeless Ministry

Their mission is to help the homeless by giving them free haircuts, book bags, bibles, toiletries, bottled water, socks, etc. They travel all over the US giving free haircuts, but they recently acquired a local building where they donate items to the homeless.

Age Preference: Children of all ages welcome, accompanied by an adult.

In their local office you can help by;

-putting together blessing bags with hygiene items

-drawing pictures to go in the bags

-putting on plays to entertain those coming to the food kitchen

-folding clothes to hand out

You can also help at their local Free Haircutting Events.

Contact via Facebook Messenger:

(Their building is only a month old and they still don’t have a landline or website)

Broad Street Ministry Center

This is a benevolence ministry that meets individual and family needs like; providing hot meals, coats and blankets, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner, wrapping and donating Christmas presents and running a food pantry.

Age Preference: Children carefully supervised by parents. 
(adults that visit here may be recovering from addictions or have mental illness*).

You can help by donating your time to the Center.

Jobs include;

-Sorting and tagging clothes

-Clearing brush and weeds in the playground and around building

-Sorting donations

-Work in the Food Pantry

Phone: 706-722-5999  

*My personal note, not theirs.

Ronald McDonald House

This location accommodates families with critically injured and seriously ill children. They provide a place for them to sleep so families can focus on getting their children healthy at the local hospitals.

Age Preference: 15 years and up (or 10 & up accompanied by an adult)

Volunteering opportunities include:

-helping cook dinner or dessert for the families.

-organizing a craft, painting or activity for the children to enjoy during their stay.

-older kids can volunteer as a “House Warmer” (shows new families around) or in the welcome desk.

Phone: 706-724-5901        

Golden Harvest Food Bank

They provide quality food and grocery products to people in need in our community.

Age Preference: Children of helping age must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Volunteer opportunities include;

-Sorting through donated food items

-Sorting through personal hygiene items

-Sorting through home goods

Phone: 706-736-1375           

Lydia Project

Provide support for women coping with cancer. Women receive a one of a kind Lydia Tote, and notes of encouragement throughout a year. They also provide accommodations at the Lydia House for women seeking medical help in the CSRA free of charge.

Age Preference: Ages 12 & up, with parent or guardian, or high school and above.

Volunteer opportunities include:

Helping in the Main Office:

  1. Cutting fabric, or other jobs in the production of Lydia totes
  2. Stuffing envelopes
  3. Answering the phones

Helping at Home:

  1. Organize a donation drive with your kids for items needed in the Lydia House
  2. Write and send notes to women coping with cancer.
  3. Sew Lydia Totes
  4. Distribute Lydia Totes to women coping with cancer in the CSRA and/or brochures to healthcare providers.

Phone: 706-736-5767  

Salvation Army

They meet basic human needs by providing shelter and hot evening meals at the Center of Hope, a women and children’s emergency shelter, and a soup line 365 days a year. During holidays they give out Thanksgiving meals and help families in need during Christmas.

Age Preference: All ages accompanied by parent or guardian, or 16 years and up. (Some opportunities only for only older kids).

Opportunities to help;

-Sorting Donations at Various Thrift Stores in the CSRA

-Helping at the Center of Hope Soup Kitchen (9 yrs & up)

-Ringing Bells at Christmas time

-Helping with canned food and supply drives

-Helping in Food Pantry (11 yrs & up)

Phone: 706-434-3185         


WLJ Angel Gowns

An organization who makes and provides free “Angel Gowns” for babies that have passed too soon. The gowns are made from donated wedding and formal gowns.

Age Preference: All ages welcome to help, but make sure your child is aware of the topic of infant loss.

Volunteering Opportunities:        

-Cutting fabric from patterns

-organizing a formal/wedding dress donation drive

-organize a donation drive for needed items (thread, sandwich bags, blank thank you cards, etc.)

-Sewing “Angel Gowns” at home or with a group


Volunteering is a great opportunity for the whole family. It can be a great lesson in empathy, compassion, tolerance and community responsibility. It can also be done as a team with friends. We hope that you and your family find great joy in serving the community in which you live and it becomes a tradition your kids take with them into adulthood.

Volunteer and then go have some family fun!
Check out some of these places around the CSRA!

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