Wyvern (Glow) Egg Hunt (WEATHER UPDATE)

Mar 23 2024
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


EastWind Castle
527 Johnston Hwy Edgefield SC US

We plan to go forward with the event.
We will honor Friday night tickets for Saturday for those who can’t make it.

Hear ye, hear ye! By order of King Keliance and his Queen Mysteria, all available children ages walking to 15 years old are needed to help retrieve the Wyvern eggs. The Fairies and Elves have aided the king by using their magic, making the eggs illuminate under the moonlight. However, only the children can safely touch the eggs, it’s the rule of magic being used.

Every child will receive a bag of candy for assisting the King in this endeavor. (If you need a non-candy bag, please let us know through our facebook event) We will need some volunteers from each of the age groups to be defenders. Older siblings of the children get first dibs. They will be protecting the other children and scare off any goblins who might be thwarting the egg recovery.

**Gate will open at 6 pm and close at 7. So please arrive on time.**

Once you have checked in the children can enjoy some games, and other things we have planned for them. Please watch our Facebook event page for updates on what and who will be around. We plan to have a few vendors too. Once it is dark enough, we will call everyone back out to the fields for the egg hunting. We will be doing the hunts based off age groups. The age groups are walking -3, 4-7, then 8-11, 12-15. If you have a child that is older than the ages listed and wish to participate, they still can. Just let us know at gate, so we can put them in the appropriate group.

It doesn’t matter how many eggs the children collect, they will all be getting the candy reward. Depending on how fast the children collect the eggs in a friendly manner, will depend on how many times the goblins scatter the eggs again. We want the children to have fun.

*If you need a non-candy bag, please indicate in the discussion section*

We will only be charging the children old enough to participate, so walking to 15 unless an older one wishes to play. $10 for each child that is participating. You can buy your tickets on eventbrite or Cash at door.

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