Book Signing


Oct 08 2016


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us as the authors Dr. Ricky Battle Jr and Pastor Markita Battle sign copies of their book The Power of Praying Parents. No registration required.

The Power of Praying Parents:
“All I kept thinking was my son was in unbearable pain and my wife was crying. I had an overwhelming sense of being helpless. There was nothing I could do to fix any of it. In my mind I was thinking why I was not there? Did I do something to deserve this? How bad was it? Is he going to be alright? With so many thoughts racing through my mind something happened. Right then and there in the midst of adversity, in the midst of trauma, in the midst of a breakdown; my wife and I held hands and prayed! I did not know it then, but I know now that not only was the expertise of the doctors’ crucial for my son’s recovery, but so was the power that came from two parents who knew it was time to pray!
-Dr. Ricky Battle Jr.

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