Aiken Kids Expo Vendor Info

CSRA Kids would like to formally invite you to Aiken Kids Expo 2019! 
If your business caters to families with children, Aiken Kids Expo is the place to be! Our one-day kid expo is an opportunity to engage and interact with thousands of parents looking for activities, products, and services for their children. The face to face interaction the expo provides is ideal for developing personal relationships that strengthen customer loyalty far more than phone conversations or email campaigns. 

CSRA Kids presents several events during the year and all are well attended. Our marketing plan for Aiken Kids Expo will include outdoor, digital, television, email and newspaper advertising. We will work hard to ensure that foot traffic will be high and that you will have countless opportunities to promote your business. Last year, we had over 3000 people in attendance at our CSRA wide expo and anticipate a bigger event this year!

Are you a small non-profit? Please message us for information about a vendor discount.

Vendor Contact

Jessi Baker
(760) 521-6012

Vendor Contract

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Exhibitor Benefits

• Capture a highly targeted, local audience of families with children aged 0-12.
• Demonstrate and create interactive experiences that showcase your product.
• Sell products and services on-site.
• Make face-to-face connections.
• Obtain emails to build your marketing list.
• Book appointments on-site.


“Great community guide! I use this to help relocation buyers become more familiar with the area. I also have 2 children of my own and this is a great resource for different events around the CSRA. Brandy is an amazing woman with a heart to serve her community. Love CSRA Kids!” – Crystal Herring, N. Augusta Realtor


“On a professional level, CSRA Kids did not disappoint. Brandy was wonderful about being patient with our business’ unusual schedule, very considerate of our sponsors, careful not to place competitors ads with our information, and phenomenal with communication and educating us on how to view stats of any advertising done with another party on social media. In the moments our business felt the most stressful – she was a breath of fresh air to interact with. Brandy’s professionalism with CSRA Kids is something we couldn’t be more appreciative of!” – Haven Bruhn, Rhea Lana’s Martinez Evans


“Thank you for today’s event! It was the best. My children and I had the best time ever at Kid Jam. I appreciate the time that I spent with my children at today’s event. We are looking forward to next year.” – Local Mom, Augusta GA


“I think it was fantastic. I loved how each gym was themed. My kid LOVED the STEM gym, especially the robotics.” – Local Mom, Evans GA


“My son had a great time, we were there much longer than I was anticipating, so much to do!” – Local Mom, Aiken, SC