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Pelican's Snoballs

Pelican’s Snoballs is a hot new spot for CSRA families to hang out and get a tasty shaved-ice treat. Pelican’s Snoballs is a franchise best known for its New Orleans style shaved-ice. This style creates a super soft ice that absorbs the full flavor of the amazingly delicious syrups.  With over a hundred flavors and toppings of cream, chocolate syrup, gummy treats and more, each member of your family is sure to find a new favorite!  For Pelican’s Snoballs, it’s not just about the Snoballs, but also about the atmosphere. With bright blue and pink building, cool vibes and games for the whole family to enjoy, it’s no wonder this place has been a huge success already. Owners, Joseph and Lisa Christie, learned about Pelican’s Snoballs when they lived in Lexington, SC, home to several locations. When they moved back to the CSRA, they knew they wanted to bring this family tradition here.

Joseph and Lisa opened the first location in Grovetown on March 4th at 101 E. Robinson Ave. and just opened their 2nd location in North Augusta on July 1st at 707 Edgefield Rd. Don’t worry if you get addicted; because they are always open 7 days a week, rain or shine and even holidays. There are lots of hours to join the fun! They are open from 12pm to 9pm on Monday through Friday and 1pm to 9pm on Sundays. You will be relieved to know that they only close during the coldest months of the year – from the week before Thanksgiving to when it warms up around March 1st.  Snoballs come in over 100 flavors and 4 different sizes: kiddie for $2, regular for $3, large for $4 and Avalanche for $5!

I had the privilege to sit down with the owners and get the behind-the-scene scoop on what makes Pelican’s Snoballs a place every family would want to visit.

Pelican's Snoballs

How did the Pelican’s Snoballs journey begin?

To be honest, we wanted free Snoballs!!  We missed our Snoballs.  We were driving to Lexington just to get our kids Snoballs.  We missed the games, the flavors and being able to hang out as a family there.  It had become a family tradition and we knew this would be a great fit for the CSRA.  Joseph has a business degree and I had an entrepreneurial spirit even in high school making hand-made purses.  We talked to people within the franchise and they were very encouraging and that is how we ended up making the decision to open one.


What is the story behind the name of Pelican’s Snoballs?

The family that started Pelican’s Snoballs was from New Orleans.  They loved Snoballs and it was a tradition in New Orleans.  They moved to North Carolina and their daughter (at the age of 9) just couldn’t live without them.  She missed them so much that she convinced her dad to open a shaved ice place.  They named it Pelican’s after the state bird of Louisiana.  The daughter even picked out the bright pink and blue colors of the building.  So, essentially, a nine year old started the company, but now she is in her twenties.


What made you want to open a 2nd Pelican’s Snoballs location?

We live in North Augusta, so we always knew we wanted one here.  Grovetown had space available so it was a little easier to find a place and get started quick.  We knew we always wanted multiple locations.  (BIG NEWS ALERT) We are planning for an Augusta store in the spring! We are looking for somewhere around the Target shopping center or Martinez area.


What do you hope Pelican’s Snoballs does for the CSRA community?

We hope that Pelican’s is a place that people can affordably bring their families, bring friends or out of town guests to put their phones down and hang out.  We want to bring people back to their childhood and hopefully it will become a tradition in families.  It is fun for the whole family and something for everyone!  We have games for all the kids, we encourage you to bring your dogs with you, and we have a flavor for everyone.  We have a good family-friendly atmosphere and it is also a good date night spot.


What would you like people to know about your family?

Joseph is from Augusta and has lived here his whole life.  I (Lisa) am from the Lexington area.  We have two children, Cate and Cole.  Cate will be in 1st grade and Cole will be in pre-K this year.  Cate loves that there are 100 favors at Pelican’s!


What are your family’s favorite flavors?

Kate’s favorite flavor is Watermelon and Cole’s favorite is Polar Punch.  I (Lisa) can’t pick between my favs of Wedding Cake, Strawberry Cheesecake and Georgia Peach.  Joseph’s favs are Polar Punch and Pink Lemonade!


What were your jobs before opening Pelican’s Snoballs?

Joseph was a Car Rental Manager and I (Lisa) continue to work night shift at the Children’s Hospital as a Respiratory Therapist.  I have been there for 10 years!


Any specials or coupons you have going on? We have Pelican Bucks that are little silver coins. They are worth a dollar a piece and you can get 25 coins for $20 so that is a 20% savings!  You could give them as gifts or keep them for yourself for the savings.  The tooth fairy loves to give Pelican Bucks.  Kids love to hold them in their hands and pay for their Snoball themselves.  It’s a good chore and allowance incentive.  Schools and camps buy them and put them in their reward buckets for teachers and counselors.

Pelican's Snoballs

What special events do you have coming up or do you do regularly?

We do spirit nights year round, so any non-profit group, school or sports team can schedule with us a time to come to Pelican’s for 3 hours and we give 20% back of those proceeds.  We have had some really successful spirit nights.  We also have weddings, Back to School Bashes, Festivals, Corporate events, birthday parties and groups come for field trips.  Depending on the size of your event, we have a pre-pay option with a base price of $250 for 75 Snoballs.  We are known for the summer movie nights and Christmas in July at the Grovetown location.  Events will always be posted on Facebook, so don’t forget to like both the North Augusta and Grovetown Facebook pages.


What are the most popular flavors?

Definitely Cotton Candy, Sour Tsunami, and all the Kiddie Combinations.  The Kiddie Combinations (you can get them in any size) are some of our most popular flavors put together like our Superhero is Blue Raspberry and Cherry, Shark Attack is Tiger’s Blood and Sour Tsunami, Butterfly Kiss which is Birthday Cake and Cotton Candy, Frog’r is Polar Punch and Pineapple, Gone Fishin is Polar Punch and Lemon Lime and they all come with different themed gummies.  You can add gummies to any Snoballs you like for only 50 cents extra. All toppings are 50 cents: gummies, marshmallow, creme, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or sour spray.   Another popular combo is the Unicorn Snoball which is Skylite and Cotton Candy, whipped cream and fairy dust.  It is sweet and very good.


What are some of the craziest flavors?

We have Toothpaste, Dill pickle, Fireball, Wild Thing (mix of sweet flavors), Spearmint, and Egg Custard.  During the fall, we will have Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cookie Dough, S’mores, Butterbeer. Right now there are Strawberry Snocreme and Pelicacinno (Caramel Latte flavor).  Seasonally there will be different flavors like these to choose from.


What about some of the craziest flavor combos your customers have asked for? A pregnant lady came in wanting the Avalanche size of Dill Pickle with creme. She loved it!  We have seen pretty much any kind of combo you could think of so far

What is special about the ingredients in the Snoballs?

The flavors are made with cane sugar and no high fructose corn syrup.  The facility is entirely nut-free.  There are also sugar-free, dye-free and dairy-free options.  We had a call from a Dad who wanted to make sure that his son, who was diabetic, could have one when their school visited for a field trip.  We said, “Absolutely, he could order whatever he wants on the sugar-free menu.” He was thrilled because his son always was left out and he was so happy that he could participate.  We have had older couples say, “Me and my husband haven’t been able to go out together for dessert for years and now we can come and enjoy a sugar-free Pineapple Dream Avalanche together.”  It is rare to be able to come to a place where everyone in the family can safely enjoy a dessert together.  It is very important to us to be able to give these options for families with allergies or dietary restrictions.


I hear there is a contest to eat 100 flavors.  What are the details?

We have the 100 flavor challenge!  If you try every flavor on our 100 flavor list, you get a free T-shirt, free Avalanche size Snoball and bragging rights on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  We have had 2 people from our Grovetown store already complete the challenge.  You could also complete the challenge as a family.  You and your kids could each try up to 2 different flavors on any size Snoball.  Of course, you will have to share the T-shirt and Avalanche Snoball as a family.  Just ask for a Challenge Card at the window and each time you buy bring the card, they will stamp all the flavors you buy.


Have you had people complain about the wait times?

We have had some people say that they wished we had a second window.  If you hang in there with us, we have gotten better. With the Grovetown store it used to be an hour long wait, but it has now gotten down to 20 mins!  We do periodically time the line to see how long it takes.  Give it time at our North Augusta store because our staff is getting faster.  Even though we are new and the lines look long, I still encourage you to stop because the lines go quicker than you think. There are also games for the kids to keep them busy while you are waiting.


Are you hiring? What kind of people are you looking for?

We are not currently hiring, but you can reach out to us on our Facebook or via email and we can send you an application.  We keep them on file and if we have any openings, we will reach out.  Keep an eye on our Facebook for any announcements about hiring.  We are looking for those that are 16 or older, have good transportation, fun, friendly and have a good outgoing personality. We are big on customer service and we want those who would smile, greet the customer and have fun!


Don’t walk, but run to get one of these tasty treats.  You will not be disappointed!  Tell them that CSRA Kids sent you there and let us know how you enjoyed it.

Go Get Your Snoball Today!! Check Out Their Facebook Pages for Location Details!

Grovetown Location

North Augusta Location

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