SouthStar Arctic Express Trolley Tour: CSRA Kids Spotlight

SouthStar Arctic Express Trolley Tour

SouthStar Arctic Express Trolley Tour

If you are anything like me…Christmas time is just a magical and wonderful time of the year. Christmas music, the twinkling lights, and holiday merriment just leave me blissful. The CSRA has definitely made this holiday extra special for us. We have had the chance to check out many of the local events and attractions this year and we definitely fell in love with one of them! 

SouthStar Arctic Express Trolley Tour is a great way to have a unique encounter with Santa. This 90-minute trolley ride is full of holiday cheer as they take you around Downtown Augusta and give you a tour of the holiday sights. Here are few of the highlights! 

Mrs. Claus is Your Tour Guide!

We had the pleasure of spending some time with Mrs. Claus! She was a delight! She sang songs with the kiddos, and read Christmas stories as we rode along. We even had a pre-ride Christmas song karaoke session that the children really enjoyed. 

A Small Group Experience with Santa! 

This was my favorite part! I tend to shy away from Santa experiences where I have to stand in line or can’t take my own pictures. The trolley tour comes complete with a small group Santa time. Each of the kids can sit on Santa’s lap, take pictures and give him multiple high fives. After their time with Santa (who was great by the way), they get to eat cookies, have some juice and listen to stories from Santa and Mrs. Claus. It was perfect. By far my best Santa experience this season. 

Ringing of the Christmas Bells

During the Santa encounter, each of the kiddos will receive a special gift from Santa! Each child received a bell and was able to ring it as we sang Jingle Bells on the way back. It was very sweet and made the trip even more memorable. 

I will highly recommend this tour for children of all ages. Smaller children may be a bit squirmy on the trolley ride, but all the kids are loud and having fun. Each seat holds two people so that is something to consider as you book your ticket. If you are looking for a personable Santa experience in a smaller setting…this event is perfect! 

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