Multi-Family Vacation Tips

multi family vacation tips

There is nothing better than going on vacation! But going on vacation with friends is even better. Vacationing with friends has some great advantages. Not only does it lower the cost of the trip, but your kids will have built-in buddies and quite possibly a sitter rotation for a date nights. A shared experience can make for a great vacation. Here are a few tips for planning a multi-family vacay!

Multi-Family Vacation Tips

Pick One or Two People to Plan the Trip

This one is for your sanity. When a planning a trip, be sure that one or two people are doing the leg work. This helps make sure things are done, and that too many ideas don’t muddle the planning. The trip leader will handle all the booking and arrangements and then will later delegate as needed. This helps keep the balance and make sure the ball doesn’t get dropped. Sit down and have a meeting between all the interested parties and designate the planners.

Plan Using the L.I.K.E System

L. – Location

The location is the most important part of the trip. Be sure that everyone agrees upon it or you went with the majority vote. Be sure it is easily traveled to by all parties, especially if people are coming from different places to join the trip. Be sure to discuss what people want in the location. Does it have kid-friendly attractions? Does the location have sightseeing opportunities? Is your hotel close to stores and shopping? These things are important, be sure to discuss them.

I. – Itinerary

This one is a deal breaker for me. Nothing is worse than someone dictating your whole trip when you like to go with the flow. It is important to discuss all group activities up front. Some people get bent out of shape if you don’t do the things they plan. Be sure to discuss if you will have a set schedule. This includes cooking, babysitting, excursions, and sightseeing.

K. – Kitchen

Trying to save some money on the trip? Be sure to find a place that has a kitchen. Eating in can help you save money and keep food around the house for snackers. (The men will thank you.)

E. – Excursions

When picking your destination, be sure to pick a place that it is fun and has plenty to do. If adventure and fun is your aim, then this will be extremely important to the group. Pick a place that has a lot of attractions nearby. That can be parks, splash pads, family fun centers and even amusement parks. Be sure to pick a place with options.

Be Flexible

Vacations are all about having a good time and letting your hair down. When dealing with a group of people in one space, everyone needs to learn to be flexible. If your out shopping and the goal was to cook dinner…it’s okay to change to plan. People get sick, children misbehave and rainy days happen at the beach. Vacation is not about perfection…it’s about enjoying one another. Don’t allow the unplanned to dampen your vacation. Embrace the surprises and turn it into an adventure.

All Hands on Deck

In order to keep this ship afloat and the morale up…everyone needs to pitch in. Discuss in the beginning who will cook on what night, who will wash the towels and who will keep the dishes clean. There is nothing worse than having one person do all the work…they want a vacation too. Delegate the duties and this will make vacation life good for everyone.

Discuss Money Before You Vacation

Be sure to talk about money before you vacation. Everyone on the trip may have different budget restrictions and you want to be mindful of the expenses. Be prepared to discuss how the trip will be paid for, and how the group will pay for things like groceries and household items. I have a few suggestions:

1. Collect all the money upfront for deposit and rental BEFORE you say yes to the place.
2. Instead of handling cash, create a paypal account for the trip and have people pay there.
3. Create a menu and a budget. Any extras are paid for individuals.
4. Shop ahead of the trip. This would be non-perishable items. Destination areas tend to have higher prices for items, and it would save you money to buy it at home.

Respect One Another

Being on a vacation with others can sometimes be tricky. Be sure to respect each other’s schedules, say thank you and don’t sweat the small stuff.  Have fun, laugh and create memories. You don’t have to do everything together, and remember to give families space to enjoy one another. Vacationing together is a blessing and respect can make a huge difference.

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