Our Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook

There is no doubt about it…we met each other through Facebook. We have shared many great times. Funny comments, laughing at silly videos, awesome giveaways and finding great events together…we have some good history here. Well, Facebook is about to change the nature of our relationship. So, we need to talk. 

Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman and CEO of Facebook) announced yesterday that major changes are coming to Facebook. I won’t bore you with the crazy details, you can read about them here, but here is the bottom line. As they roll out the new changes, there is a chance that you will see less and less of CSRA Kids content in your news feed. This means you won’t be constantly updated on all of the awesome things going on around the CSRA and we won’t be connecting as much. But lucky for you…there are different ways for you to stay in touch. 

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We work really hard to build a strong community around CSRA Kids and this is a sure way to make sure you stay connected to what we roll out weekly. We send out ONE email every Thursday. This newsletter includes a roundup of weekend events, latest articles published and sometimes some great giveaways. Be sure to sign up! You can do it below.

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Let’s Be Social In Other Places

We all have our favorite forms of social media. I know I have to watch how much of It I consume. It can be a total time suck, but I enjoy when it is meaningful and helpful. All of our social platforms keep you updated and are still full of that fun you are used to. You can find us here:

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Facebook –

If you like Snapchat…I am considering adding it…be on the lookout…

Let’s Pin Together!

Yes, we do have a Pinterest! You can pin all those awesome CSRA Kids articles and save them for later. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest. 

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Why Should I Stay Connected With CSRA Kids?

CSRA Kids is growing and it’s going to get even better. One thing I pride myself on is making sure that I give you the best resource I can. Together we have really become a movement. Your feedback and participation ensures that the parents of the CSRA have a voice in what is being offered and it’s influencing how businesses are treating your dollars. It also helps new families that move into town and new moms who have no clue about “kid stuff” in town. 

My business motto is “Serve the community first.” So with ALL that being said…this Facebook change is just another opportunity for CSRA Kids to deepen our connection with you. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. 

Oh! One last thing…

CSRA Kids will still keep Facebook!! They can’t get rid of us that easily…but there are some things you can do to keep us in your feed. 

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