Fun Allergy Sensitive School Lunches!

Fun Allergy Sensitive School Lunches

I recently received an email from our daughter’s school informing us that the new school year is quickly approaching. I thought, “What?! How can this be? Didn’t summer just begin?” With so many “back to school” requirements, one that is often overlooked is school lunches. For many, this can be a mundane task and often left on the back burner until last minute. With a little preparation, lunch packing can be not only healthy but in fact quite fun!

Over the years, much research has been put into the correlation between healthy, nutritious meals and a student’s achievement level. We want to provide our children with nutritious options that will allow them to focus and have the energy to make it through the day. Often times, getting your child to actually eat these healthy options is a challenge in itself. Involving your child in the meal selection and prepping process will not only be fun for them, but it will also educate them on the various food groups and their health benefits.

Bento Box style lunches are a great way to give your child variety while also making the lunch appealing and fun to eat. Typically, bento style lunch boxes are filled with easy to grab choices. Lunch breaks seem to go by too quickly; you want your child to get the most out of their meal with the limited time they have. Amazon makes it very easy to find both affordable and child-friendly bento boxes. Simply type “Bento Box for Kids” in the search bar and several viable options will appear. Some of our personal favorites are: Bentgo Kids, Sugarbooger, and YumBox. You can also find packs of several reusable, plastic bento boxes that are even more affordable and great if you want to prep a few meals ahead of time. Cute accessories like food picks, forks, silicone cups (for separating foods), and fruit & veggie cutters make these boxes exciting for kids to open. If you want more ideas and inspiration for these style lunches, check out the book “Little Bento” or simply browse Pinterest.

Back To School Lunches

Bentology Bento Lunch Box – Amazon

Fun Allergy Friendly Lunches

Download the Fun Allergy Sensitive School Lunches printable here.

Make sure to also provide your child with plenty of ways to keep hydrated. Water is always the go-to option. However, If you want to keep it fun and add some flavor, you can infuse the water with various fresh fruit and vegetables. Soda water like La Croix gives a little carbonation without any sugar and Honest fruit juice is made with half water and half juice.

Feeling inspired? Tag us in some great lunch ideas you put together for your children! We would love to see your hard work.

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