CSRA Momfessions: Summer Reality

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CSRA Momfessions: Summer Reality

The summer is over and I am starting to think about what I have accomplished with my kids and the places I have taken them. At the beginning of summer, I had these excursional delusions of grandeur about what we would explore and all the trips we would take. The kids were going to conquer the entire library in one visit!

Now, let’s discuss how it has actually played out. My family and I recently moved cross country. Being a stay-at-home mom with a seven year old son, a five year old daughter, and our new seven-month-old chunky baby that simply left us too busy unpacking and recouping from the sleep deprived nights to plan a trip; a result of our decision to start parenting a newborn after our two oldest kids had gotten super easy to commute and deal with. Unfortunately, we still have yet to take an out of town trip. This is probably what I was viewing as my biggest FAIL in summer parenthood.

Yes, I have watched all summer, as my friends, family, and social media “family” went from attraction to attraction, while I sat behind my screen feeling lesser than. So, I set out to make the most of our historic town of Augusta this summer. I would keep my oldest two kids busy, whilst handling my newborn. Nope, nothing would stop me from planning several weekly field trips with them. I was going to make sure they read every day, I cooked frequently, and also make it to my cardio classes at the gym. Needless to say, life did not agree. Unpacking the house was a full-time job. Lincoln’s sleeping patterns were unpredictable, and the kids thought they should play on their tablets all day. Side note: They were subsequently taken away, but that’s another story. What I had to learn as a mom, was that there is, was, and will never be, a perfect way to ‘mother’…especially in the summer.

After receiving great advice from women in my life who are much older than me, I finally realized that I had to allow myself the time to adjust to my new life. I had moved from Colorado to Georgia, right before having a baby and I simply wasn’t settled. And that was perfectly fine. I accepted all the help that was being offered and took tasks hour by hour, day by day. I did end up being active with the kids and taking them to amazing places that included parks around the CSRA. We made a total of two library visits to check out books and they swore they read their books from beginning to end. Now we have some books that are overdue, but. It’s okay, though!

The two older kids are now back in school, and then it will just be my eight-month-old and me. It will be much easier to navigate through the city, prepare meals, and make it to the gym. I will not hear my oldest two arguing over the remote, coming back into the house after they have only been outside for five minutes, or being bombarded with them begging for food and snacks every five minutes, and ordering them to leave the kitchen. The summer has been a turning point for me full of lessons. I had my last child, turned 30, and realized I can no longer stay up as late as I used to. I didn’t make it to a single beach this summer, but perhaps next summer will be the time we travel to numerous locations and actually conquer the library.


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