100 Activities To Beat Coronavirus Boredom!

100 Activities To Beat Coronavirus Boredom!

100 Activities To Beat Coronavirus Boredom!

Since the closing of all CSRA schools are now in effect, we know the community will be looking for ways to keep kids busy and engaged at home. We know first hand how overwhelming a shift in our daily schedules can be. Try not to stress and put pressure on yourselves. Take this time to connect with your household and lean on each other during this time of change. Here is a list of suggested activities to keep your kids busy during the upcoming month of school closures.

1. Build a fort! Break out the sheets, chairs, snacks, and flashlights. No fort building skills? No problem… Sweet Dreaming Slumber Parties can bring the tents to you. Have a sibling slumber party.

2. AR Workshop Evans is offering DIY Take & Make To-Go Kits for the kids! Reserve your kit here.

3. Teach your kids why hand washing helps spread germs! Here’s a great video lesson.

4. Dye Easter eggs.

5. Paint with bubbles! Example Here

6. Try shadow drawing. Example Here

7. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga!

8. Salt Painting. Example Here

9. Penny Cleaning Activity Example Here

10. Playdough

11. Read a book and then act it out.

12. Board games! We like:

* The Sneaky, Snacky, Squirrel

* Yeti in my Spaghetti

* Hoot Owl Hoot

* Count your Chickens

13. Disney Plus just released Frozen 2!

14. Purge those winter clothes and prep for spring/summer.

15. Shaving cream in the bath tub.

16. Glow sticks for the bath!

17. Go camping

18. Go on a hike

19. Go fishing

20. Look into/register for summer camps in the CSRA.

21. Tips for raising chickens at home

22. Nature Journaling. Example Here

23. Fly a kite

24. Take advantage of digital libraries

25. Grab some seeds and start a garden/grow wild flowers

26. Keep up on school work! Practice math, reading, and handwriting.

27. Have the kids start a youtube channel. You know they want to.

28. Make slime! Example Here

29. Earn screentime by doing chores or playing outside.

30. Find a penpal.

31. Scholastic released free daily courses for kids!

32. Take a virtual field trip. Here are a few! 

33. Education companies are offering free subscriptions! Here is a WHOLE BUNCH! 

34. Implement daily nap time 🙂

35. Bake together.

36. Cook a family meal together and teach the kids how to set a table.

37. Have a tea party/picnic outside.

38. When it rains, go jump in puddles!

39. Complete a puzzle.

40. Bust out the legos.

41. Wash the car – you know they need it with all this pollen.

42. Have the kids go through toys/organize/donate.

43. Make lemonade.

44. Homemade popcicles.

45. Go on a car ride. Roll down the windows, blast the music, and sing real loud.

46. Create an indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt.

47. Order takeout from a locally owned business.

48. Go on a bug hunt.

49. Geocaching.

50. Find a movie series to watch together.

51. Pick a different letter everyday and learn all words that start with that letter.

52. Fun indoor worksouts for kids. Here are some ideas.

53. Freeze small toys into a block of ice. Let the kids pick them out.

54. Get an inflatable pool for the kids to splash around.

55. Build an indoor obstacle course.

56. Teach your little ones about the coronavirus

57. Play a card game! Here are some kid-friendly ones.

58. Join one of the local mom facebook groups to help bounce ideas off one another

* Mommies of Evans

* Aiken County Moms

* Moms of Grovetown

59. Have a sock puppet show! 

60. Have the kids give you a mommy makeover. Let them do your hair, makeup, and pick out an outfit!

61. Sidewalk chalk art.

62. DIY birdfeeders. Example Here

63. Have a dance party in the living room.

64. Make a time capsule.

65. Learn a magic trick.

66. Play in the sprinklers.

67. Ride a bike/scooter.

68. Have a bonfire/make s’mores.

69. Create a summer bucket list.

70. Create a thankful jar! Fill it with things your family is thankful for.

71. Make something out of a box.

72. Paint rocks.

73. Make homemade icecream.

74. Pull weeds around the yard.

75. Take those old broken crayons and make them into something new! Example Here

76. Make erupting lemons for a cool science experiment. Learn how here.

77. No sew sock bunnies for Easter. Example Here

78. Make a garden windchime. Example Here

79. Letter drawing. Example Here

80. Play freeze dance.

81. Make friendship bracelets.

82. Dress the kids up and have a photoshoot.

83. Handprint art.

84. Take the dog for a walk or give it a bath.

85. Earth Day dirt cups. Here is the recipe. 

86. Get a huge coloring poster. Amazon Link

87. Spring crafts. Here is 52 of them.

88. Kinetic sand.

89. Play a new video game together as a family.

90. Skype/Facetime family members/friends.

91. Rearrange bedrooms.

92. Take a soccer ball out to an open field. Blanchard Woods Park is great for this!

93. Join the Looney Tune Savings Program through Security Federal. Kids earn prizes as they save! 

94. Go to The Big Mo in Monetta, SC! Great way to watch a movie and promote social distancing! 

95. Play mini golf (with your own supplies) at Brookfield Park.

96. Have a water balloon fight.

97. Grab a to-go snoball from Pelicans. Special Offer Here

98. Get a Fun2Go Pack from Artsy Me!! Painted Pottery Fun.

99. Let the kids scrapbook! Print some pics, gather supplies and let them design their own.

100. Plan a familiy vacation for when the virus passes.

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