The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Best Places to View

Solar Eclipse 2017

Save the Date!! On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be passing through Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston, SC. This is such a rare and amazing event for many reasons! Here are a few fun facts!!

The last trans-continent solar eclipse in America was in 1918.

The last total solar eclipse to touch any of the 50 United States was on July 11, 1991.

A total solar eclipse can cause the temperature to drop up to 20 degrees.

During a total solar eclipse, animals can be confused and prepare for sleep.

The best way to view the eclipse is through a pinhole camera or solar viewing glasses.

This year’s event will draw many people from all over the South East. Many places have already started booking places to stay and many cities have begun planning events for this rare occasion. Greenville, SC is estimated to get 2 minutes and 8 seconds of totality. Columbia is estimated to get 2 minutes and 30 seconds and Charleston 1 minute and 40 seconds of darkness. Please see the map below for a complete path overview.

Solar Eclipse 2017

If you are interested in events going on in the path cities, please view the links below!!

Greenville, SC
Total Eclipse Weekend Columbia
Go Dark Charleston

CSRA Eclipse Times

Evans: Start – 1:11 PM and Ends 4:05 PM

North Augusta: Start 1:11 PM and Ends 4:06 PM

Augusta: Start 1:11 PM and Ends 4:06 PM

Aiken: Start 1:12 PM and Ends 4:06 PM (Total Eclipse)

You will still be able to see a partial eclipse in Aiken and Augusta (99.9%), but if you want to see a total eclipse the closet they recommend is Ridge Spring/Monetta, Batesburg/Leesville, Camp Gravett and Wagner.

Viewing Events in the CSRA

Looking for eclipse-related events in town? Check these out below!

Dupoint Planetarium – Aiken, SC

Total Eclipse of the Pines – Camp Gravett

2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing Party – North Augusta

Experience the Solar Eclipse – Aiken Equine Rescue

Total Eclipse Blackout Bash – Wild Wings in Augusta

Eclipse Party at Daniel Field – Augusta

EclipseWatch 2017 – Headquarters Library Augusta

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party – Carolina Ale House Augusta

Eclipse Party at Daniel Field

Eclipse Paddle at Mistletoe State Park

Eclipse Viewing at Aiken State Park

Experience The Great American Eclipse with Stable View



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